August 31, 2008


Ok. Just FYI...

1. I feel like I'm talking to myself in an empty dungeon.
2. Posting comments IS NOT ILLEGAL. I've only got ONE comment in the whole existence of my blog. I don't know. I'm just really annoyed that I have to feel like I'm talking to an audience who's not willing to say a word for, against,


August 30, 2008

My Favorite Soundtrack Tracks of All Time (except that rather large bit I haven't lived)

With NO ado, a replay from Islas itself:

My list of favorite music from soundtracks...

Batman Begins: Eptesicus, Myotis, Macrotus, Antrozous, Molossus, and the End Credits, which I'm not sure you'll be able to find on Youtube.

Big Buck Bunny: Death Becomes Fur

PotC: TCotBP: The Medallion Calls, The Black Pearl, Will and Elizabeth, He's a Pirate

The Chrons of Narn 1: The Battle

The Dark Knight: I'm Not A Hero, Harvey Two-Face, Like a Dog Chasing Cars

Crimson Tide: Roll Tide

I've also heard Jack Sparrow from PotC: DMC enough to love it with all my guts. I gotta buy that track.


August 29, 2008

The Case for CRTs over LCDs

This is very personal, meaning that all my reasons for loving CRTs against LCDs aren't from other sources.

Ok. Sometime along in March of this year, I went to a Hamfest in Buffalo, Minnesota. The biggest and best thing I got there was my new, twenty-one inch CRT monitor. For two dollars.

Just recently, Daddy bought a 22 inch LCD. It's pretty, bright, and big, but it doesn't have the same, awesome, high resolution that my CRT has. It goes to a standard (for such a size) of 1680x1050. My CRT goes to a nearly unbeatable 2048x1536. And there's the small detail that the LCD cost a hundred times more, though I did get my CRT second hand.

I, myself, am more interested in pixels when it comes to screen real-estate. Inches aren't really important to me, as long as it's a fairly good amount.

Oh. Right. There's the little bit about resolution scalability. With LCDs, you've got a great aspect ratio for, say, a widescreen movie. But when you try playing a rather old game, like, say, Age of Empires I or II, (or Dune 2000) the pixels on the LCDs are...not the say the least. The 640x480 (I think) image which Dune 2000 outputs at all times is not only changed in aspect ratio, but the pixels are stretched over two times their height, and something like two and a half times their width. The effect is, to say the least, displeasing.

So, the day when 30 inch LCDs are two dollars...I'll buy one.

But, honestly, the 22 inch ones aren't SO bad...


August 20, 2008

They used to KNOW how to make games...

In recent days, I've become more and more obsessed with a game I've already played, none of you Islasers are likely to have played it, if I know anything.

It's called XGalaga. And this later revision of it just adds a little modifier on the end. Hyperspace.

For your retro-entranced pleasure, here are some screenshots from the later levels of that I've been able to get to. Also, if I'm correct, this is the farthest I've ever gotten in XGalaga.

Oh, bother. I just got bored and decided to just give you people the link to the album.

The Album which really won't end all albums.

OH. What I forgot to mention is that this game is ONLY available for Linux. So, for those who actually have Ubuntu, you can, I think, download XGalaga and XGalaga: Hyperspace (you have to get both...not my fault) with the regular, simple 'ol package manager. For those on Windows (thus unable to get or play this game...)... I pity you.

Your conveniently located expert on couch potatoing.

Bertilson given title, seems to regret joining Hunter campaign

Mr. Bertilson was found earlier today exiting the polling booth, looking nervous and slightly sweaty. When queried on the reason for his nerves, Bertilson said, "I don't know if I've done the right thing. Other campaigns have been looking more and more appealing in recent days, but I voted for Ms. Hunter."
Bertilson declined further comment on this matter, and took refuge in his 1960s Ford Mustang.

Your depressingly undecided reporter.

August 16, 2008

"Joker" strikes--depending on the definition

On the Islas forums lately, a certain "Joker" has been with us. In recent days, I think, preparations have been made by, some say, the Burns campaign, some say the Ahern campaign, to cause chaos in the Islas election.

Odd video, made by "Joker"

In the outset, I had thought it was Ted, along with the rest of the Burns campaign. After awhile, I thought it was the Ahern campaign, but I didn't exactly think of him doing it for sympathy. Finally, about now, a certain J. A. I. reasoned with me, to some degree, and I'm somewhat firmly convinced that Ted is "Joker", and the Burns campaign has funded the whole thing.

Your most deductive reporter

August 15, 2008

Bertilson admits defeat, declares other campaigns remarkably apt at throwing mud

Found in tears early on Thursday, Bertilson admitted defeat. "I've put up a good fight, but I still don't have any idea why nobody but my best and greatest of friends voted for me. It's illogical!"
Some time later, looking less depressed, Bertilson was found watching the Ahern and Hunter campaigns argue on Islas. When asked to comment, he said, "I, Mr. Bertilson, complimented these campaigns earlier! Complimented them! Look where I've got them!"

Bertilson seemed reluctant to admit he had accepted a position on the Hunter-Bertilson campaign.
"I previously admired various aspects of the Hunter campaign," said a Mr. Bertilson who seemed to look cheated. "I thought they would be better than to go to such dispicable levels as mud-slinging."

Bertilson later stated, with some enthusiasm, "Mr. Burns' campaign is now looking somewhat significantly more appealing. The Hunter and Ahern campaigns are lowering the standards for presidential candiates, or at least campaign managers, to a very low, and un-respectable level."

Your slightly confused reporter.

August 13, 2008

Bertilson Campaign may continue to secondaries!

As the votes stand now, the Bertilson campaign may have the pleasure of continuing into the next level.

Geleynse 4
Ahern 7
Burns 6
Hunter 6
Taylor 2
Bertilson 3

(known alter-ego votes subtracted)

Due to this news, you may see some more posters, avvys, and sigs at the web album.

Your most hopeful candidate.

August 12, 2008

NEWS FLASH! Hunter, Ahern, and Burns tied for first!

Near noon today, another vote came in, making the three at first Hunter, Ahern, and Burns. This calculation is based on removing one alter-ego vote from the Ahern campaign's tally.

Your less than perfect candidate

Two alter-ego votes confirmed, Russell promises to remove them

This morning, Mr. Bertilson came on the record to retract his accusations of the Admins, due to their just and good rule reinstated. The Bertilson-Blake campaign also apologized for accusing so soon.

The standings in the polls are now:

Geleynse with 4 votes
Ahern with 5 votes
Burns with 5 votes
Hunter with 4 votes
Taylor with 2 votes
Bertilson with 2 votes

Due to cheating, percentages were not pre-calculated.

Your most helpful candidate.

August 11, 2008

Horrific Breach of Authority! ISLAS admins accused!

In a stunning turn of events, Mr. Ahern was rocketed with a simple three votes up to the top, leaving Miss Hunter in the dust. The Bertilson-Blake campaign accused the Administration of allowing secondary identities vote in the election, creating inequality and unbalance. "This cannot continue," said a flustered Mr. Bertilson, "They're undermining the electoral system! It's an outrage! Just when I thought they could go no lower!"

Mr. Bertilson's comments later veered toward accusations of the people.
"If the populous of Islas is willing to go this low, I must more seriously consider ending my campaign!"

Mr. Bertilson also took this opportunity to make more public his solid devotion to honesty.

Your most dangerous candidate

Continuation of NEWS FLASH

Miss Hunter continues to lead in the polls, with 33% of the vote. Here's the full lineup for all you perpetual election geeks:

Hunter, with 30%, Ahern with 23%, Burns with 15%, Bertilson with 15%, Geleynse with 15%, and Taylor with 0%.

Your utterly immaculate candidate.

NEWS FLASH! Hunter leads in polls!!

The most recent in news from the Islas Presidential Election.

Your slightly dejected candidate.

Hunter Campaign manager initiates primary, Bertilson Campaign scrambling to catch up!

The Hunter-Bertilson Campaign's Laura Russell, one of the admins of the Islas forum, has created an official voting poll in the Colloquia thread. The Bertilson-Blake Campaign was once again outraged by the other campaigns' techniques.

"She created the poll before we had gone through one proper debate," said Bertilson. "Ok, she's an admin, but since when has she had electoral duties?"
he continued. "I'm beginning to expect none better from my opponents. They've already thrown mud. Really! Mud! You'd expect better from children!"

Other campaigns are now given the chance to decline comment.

Your most electable candidate.

Bertilson-Blake Campaign points fingers

The Bertilson-Blake Campaign was disgusted and outraged in recent days concerning the dangerously low level to which other campaigns went to glean votes. "I don't understand how this is justified," said an outraged Mr. Bertilson, who, little more than a week ago, decided to run in this year's ISLAS Presidential Election. "They're doing everything from throwing mud to throwing rocks, which isn't safe for the environment," he continued, not resuming a face which could, by the majority of the populous, be called normal.
"We at the Bertilson-Blake Campaign haven't thrown mud for at least five years, and I don't plan to start bribing people until we're old enough for that sort of thing."

Other campaigns were not given the chance to decline comment.

Your most worthy presidential candidate