February 24, 2010


Yeah, totally. I haven't posted for what, almost two weeks? Am I evil, or what? CSAM is practically comatose!

But, really...I'm not having fun with schoolwork now, and I'm not sure how things are going besides that...I guess I'll merely say that I could definitely use prayer right now...

I hope to totally revive this weblog sometime when I've got better control of my life. Either that, or once school's over for a tad. Then again, that just means I'll get lazier and faillll.

Well. I hope to write soon!


February 11, 2010


The author, at this point, considered taking the path of ease and leisure, and merely post chapter 8, The Author Uses up Space Again. However, the author found himself indisposed toward the change he would experience in transferring from the lands of hardship and difficulty to the lands of ease and leisure. For this reason, this chapter will actually have content of some sort, hopefully more of the sort that might be experienced in a revisit to chapters two through five, say. However, as the author is merely writing this off as he thinks of it, one can't be sure what will come out. In all likelihood, he will continue rambling aimlessly as he now is. For shame.

One of Jack's greatest reasons not to enter the girl's life in any way (fool that he was, not to enter in a less involved way) was that he feared that he would as avidly and as deeply fall in love with another girl the minute he set eyes on her. The author can divulge, at this point, he thinks, that this is precisely what will happen. However, the author is more the confident that he is less accurate than medicine in the tenth century. For this reason, one can almost reasonably assume that this book will end happily with Jack and the girl side-hugging conveniently in front of an exaggeratedly bright and beautiful sunset. Needless to say, life just isn't that way, sometimes.

The author also must mention, at this time, that this book, or, rather, story, is one work-in-progress that the author intends to take a long time. This story is unraveling as slowly and surely as anyone's life, and so one can't really expect it to end any time soon, either as a story, or as a composition. That said, the author might go ahead and do the best he can to continue to confuse you about events past and present.

As the author was saying, one of Jack's greatest reasons not to enter the girl's life, specifically in any way romantically oriented, was that he was reasonably sure she would soon be only one of many. His sureness that he'd found "true love," whatever that means, was little, to say the least. His emotion was great, doubtless, but he was wary of emotion, in general.

The author must, at this point, call this chapter totally incomplete, and digress for a while. If you EVER want to see more of Ketchup, I'd BETTER FIND OUT.



February 10, 2010


(sorry, AGAIN, that I haven't posted for, what, six days? Anyway, this is my writing assignment for last week. I think I might step up the writing assignment postage in future...at least until summer break. Then I'll, like, write, write, write. And you'll have to make me. Also, a note: I think I might do a series of these things as sort of prelude/background/whatevers for Ketchup. This one got me a rather great score--er, grade...in Writing...)

Emma wasn't your average girl. This is mainly owing to the fact that no such thing exists, but also to the fact that she was above average, in several ways. First, she enjoyed history rather a lot. One couldn't easily find the reason for it, if they asked her, but it was because she enjoyed to see how things happened. Essentially, she enjoyed seeing how or why the good guys won when they did, and why the bad guys won or lost when they did.

The day I met her, she was dressed rather simply, a reasonably long skirt and a green T-shirt. Her hair, which would be about waist-length, were she to wear it that way, ever, was in a rather messy bun, the majority of which was sticking out a good few inches.

Emma's hair was a decidedly potent juxtaposition to her sense of organization and order in her life. One would be astounded how frequently she would find something within half a minute of needing it, tops. However, she was of the firm opinion to the exact opposite extreme. She recognized, of course, that her physical belongings were, on the large part, in a stiflingly reasoned order, but she never got over how ransacked her mind would look, should it ever be visualized. She would be relieved, several decades later, to be sure that it had never happened, to her knowledge, and, thereby, rested in as much peace as could be expected.

Before she did, though, she lived a rather complicated and confusing life, the intricacies of which I shall
not go into in more detailed form.

She did not enjoy math, and the more advanced forms of it, on the whole. Occasionally, Algebra would throw her a set of problems she actually enjoyed figuring out, but, usually, no such problems were to be found.

Emma greatly enjoyed using the English language in ways never before imagined, and probably never to be imagined after. She frequently responded to questions with nonsense words, made-up acronyms, or answers that made no sense in the context, like "Except on weekends," and, "not without cream."

As pertains to cream, in fact, Emma enjoyed coffee a lot, but seldom let up on the cream, and much less so on the sugar.

Emma was somewhere between fifteen and seventeen years of age, had trouble understanding the most elementary aspects of modern sports, and, in general, was told more than frequently that imagining her in shorts or jeans had become patently difficult. That always made her laugh.

(a couple of grammatical/spelling errors were fixed. Aside from that, this thing's fresh from the pen--er, keyboard.)


February 04, 2010

I Never Thought I'd Do This

No. I don't believe I just did that, either. I opened up the GIMP and started making shapes. And then shading stuff. Took me a disgustingly small amount of time. Well. No. Probably an hour or so.
It's a WIP. Called Sunset Sea, for now. I think I'm going to put a park bench somewhere. Enjoy!

(I'm evil and scaled this image down to less than half its original size. I'm greedy like that.)


February 02, 2010

My Life Is Changed

Really. It is. For years and years, and decades and decades, and centuries and centuries, I've been following this link: xckd.com. Today, I realized that the xckd that I thought I knew...was xkcd. To tell the truth, I'm mauled for life. There is no rhyme nor reason to this arrangement. Nothing. It makes no sense.

I will never live the same again. xckd still comes faster from my fingers than xkcd. It's so meant to be that way.

(I can't imagine why they'd both link to the same site, though...try it! xkcd.com)



Let me begin by being entirely boring. I'm SORRY for not posting for another miserably long period of time. Sooo sorry. Man, do I sound sorry, or what? Yeah, probably what.

Well. I'm kinda joyous. And a little scared. Naaah, I'm kinda scared if I'm kinda joyous. Yikes, I'm weird. Sort of. Anyway. I'm not sure I'll get to being spazzy, for fear of truncating this post for eternity...but yeah. Something pretty flippin' awesome has happened, and I'm just rather happy. So. Yeah.

And, no, if you already know what I'm talking about, don't tell anyone. It can just be our little secret. (cheesy humor aside, I'm serious.)

I look forward to...stuff. Anyway. I could use a lot of prayer right now, despite being ridiculously happy. There's other stuff going on which I really do need help with, whether or not it's obvious. There's stuff that is obvious, that needs to be prayed about too...oh! And you could pray that I'd get more into the habit of praying nightly. O, irony, wherefore art thou here?

C'mon! You know it's true! Not sure what I'm talking about, but you know!