February 28, 2011

It's Been A While

Hi. I've been neglecting this blog, thus failing entirely to think, and, consecutively, die. Thus, I'm getting nowhere.

Well, things have been going alright. As a hopeless romantic, things are pretty much status quo...the usual. Yeah. My photography's a bit slogging along, but I've got over 2,200 photos on flickr, so, for crying in the beer, you can't possibly get bored.

I feel like I most definitely owe you people something for completely leaving you alone for so long. Gosh, the pain.

First, several weeks ago, I got my blood pressure tested at the Cub Pharmacy. It was just THERE, so I DID it. Yeah. 

And, all of a sudden, I had a hat. Grandma told me it looked smart or somesuch compliment. Plus, (as you can see) Gina convinced me to buy a few non-orange shirts. I already regret listening to her. -_-

(EDIT: also! Mommy got me an orange tie! I've not yet taken a picture of myself in it, but I'm told it looks spiffing!)

Finally, just in case your day hasn't gone particularly well, a picture for those who enjoy them. :D

And, if you really want to, unrelatedcaptions.com and tasteofawesome.com are currently my favorite sources for these kinds of pictures. Unrelated captions is what it says it is (awesome), and Taste of Awesome is also the same.

I've also started another blog whose purpose and location shall for now not be revealed.

Last of all (yes, I realize I already said finally), I've finally gotten around to writing Ketchup...editing the chapters before 5ish, and in general making myself happy with the joy of writing. The product may be available hereon soon.