January 25, 2014

I'd Like you To Know...

This is a bit of information/background for those of you who don't know.

So here are yesterday's developments.

Manager at Annie's Parlor will be giving his supervisor a full recommendation for me and assured me that when they begin ramping up their staff for the patio season, I'd be at the top of the list. (gives me goosebumps to be validated that much)

My general manager at McDonalds, literally fifteen minutes later, after a short conversation, asks me if I want to join the management team there.

Bullet points one and two cause me to pause and thank God for his goodness and grace. I definitely don't deserve this, and it's really incredible to finally have to choose between eager parties rather than be eager to have a party to choose.

Wow. Just wow. The manager at Annie's in particular sort of wowed me. While I did sort of impress with a good suit and tie and greatcoat fashion as some will know me for, I can't really think what else I did that would make him that impressed with me. I'm downright curious. XD

My general manager at McDonalds, on the other hand...there's a similar sort of mild confusion going on; I don't necessarily know why they want me to be a manager; I can't see myself easily becoming a great manager, and I don't think I see a ton of great manager potential in my current work. Maybe I'm a bit blindsided or whatever. I might not personally be seeing the whole picture, or understanding everything.

To make a good day better, I spent a mere 15-30 minutes at the DMV getting my license renewed. Hardly any line.

It was also snowing, so I managed to get my greatcoat rather white-looking walking between bus stops on the way home.

Thank you Lord.

My decision is leaning toward staying at McDonalds and receiving what seems to be nearly legendary training in management. It seems to me an excellent opportunity, and management training from almost anyone else would probably be simply ignored on a resume. On the other hand, Annie's is like one of my favorite places on Earth.

Maybe next year. *shivers*

Thanks for all your prayers and stuff, guys. I appreciate it.


January 07, 2014

Word and Heart

He saw the stars and the countries of the world, the glories, graces, and graces; he saw Ireland, he saw what he most wished for. Where was it from? He knew not.

But for all he saw, his eyes darkened to the power of fear; his skin tingled with the death it afforded. When its power crept upon him, his limbs clattered amongst themselves, as death made short work of his flesh, and dried his bones until they sounded of Death’s own foul socks.

Darkness went on vacation, drinking martinis and eating caviar; it cut all ties with the land, and made its ways that of the island. Its holiday was indefinite; not merely infinite. It would return, somewhere in the breath of infinity, but the light was golden.

The boy woke, suddenly, stupifyingly more than he ever previously was. Words came from fearful tongue, rattled the cold air, which, unnerved, unready and utterly, utterly faithful, carried all the heart and soul they were made for unto distant, far fairer eardrums.

What estate is this, words cried, baffled midflight; we fly and resound, oh so softly.

What life have we now, they murmured in fearful wonder. Oh! the light we finally feel.

Words learned the weight of tears and of laughter, and the immense gravity of themselves.

The words were proud, for ever so slight a moment; they smiled and laughed in the air, sending astounding life into the world’s grey, cobwebby corners.

They lived. Their life was not short, as they once again found heart, and knocked with abounding vigor thereupon.

The heart was silent for a moment, patient and thoughtful in its still.

The heart burned, but the words would not say why. They were captive to the heart.