April 27, 2009

The Pixel, Part II

After several days, the pixel woke up.

Now, it's quite obvious, that, considering what the main character is, he'll have to get help from some external source. Considering he'd been placed in a second-hand computer shop, that wouldn't have been hard to come by, fast. On the other hand, who knew what the storekeeper would do. In all seriousness, the pixel had no idea why he knew it wouldn't be a good idea to let someone know he existed.

In a sudden spasm of memory, he recalled the other pixel. Somehow, he knew she had a fairly similar reaction to him. But, he being a he, that didn't make much difference on how he'd end up approaching her, if that ever became possible.

The pixel was forced to watch parades of heads walk by, on the large part, ignoring him. Then, near the afternoon, he somehow recognized that a geek was standing in front of him. The head couldn't seem to see him well enough, and was quickly elevated half a foot or so. The geek head went down and disappeared from view. The pixel somehow understood the thing heads sometimes do, rolling their eyes, and thought that. With that, he died again.

Surprisingly, he woke up mere seconds after that. The reader might ask how one could die and wake up twice in a row, but the author can assure the reader that such stuff is entirely impossible, unless you're a human. Thus, yes, this is fiction.

For some reason, the pixel felt cramped. He could also tell he had moved from somewhere fairly near the edge of the screen to somewhere very near the edge. The pixel hardly had time to wonder what reaction he should make, when the geek's head reappeared. This time, it was mounted somewhat strangely on a neck, supported by a pair of shoulders that...sagged. "Yes. that's the word," he thought.

The pixel barely had time to begin wondering what the meaning of life was when the geek head relocated roughly a foot closer to the pixel. The pixel finally realized its ability to smell, and passed out accordingly.

NOTICE: I have been horribly stalled (by myself) in writing any of Ketchup, comic or words, because I want to know which I should continue. I'm having trouble getting the comic working, and I know I can write. I'd like to know what you think, so, if you have any thoughts, comments, or just outright commands, feel free to comment.

Seriously, cliff-hangingly, and somethingelsely,



I've been wanting to write on this for a while, either on Islas, or on here, my beloved 100 (101, now that this post is posted) post blog.

Quite simply, bluntly, and all that good stuff, I don't believe we can know much with absolute certainty. I think, therefore, I am? Sure. There isn't a whole lot else. God exists? Let me get back to you on that one.

What I'd say truth is is something you'd bet your life, as well as the lives of every man, woman, and child on the planet on. The existence of God would be an especially good one to do. If you found that God didn't exist, as far as I know, it wouldn't matter, because all value placed in human life, as well as morality, etc, etc, etc, comes from Judeo-Christian values.

I've thought a bit about what I'd do if I found out, with absolute certainty, that God does not exist. First, I'd research other religions profusely for decades on end...
Well, actually, I don't really want to talk about what I'd do if God didn't exist.

Anywho. I hope I got that across well. Basically, we have tons of beliefs, but I think only what we believe with such absolute certainty that you'd trust everyones' lives on it are anywhere near being known as true. Whether or not something actually is true is a lot harder to imagine.

Now I feel like I'm undermining the whole Christian movement by doing this. Augh.

If you have any questions, comments, or tirades against me, feel free to drop by the comments...section...thingy.



April 26, 2009

The Play

Ok. Most of you probably didn't know this, but my family went to a showing of the Taming of the Shrew last night, preformed by CB Productions. Ok.
In all seriousness...
I loved it. Enough that I had the crazy impulse, at this time, to use seventy-two point print to say it. Really. It was mind-blowingly epic. Really, I find it sad that my readers, but, more specifically, my closer friends, won't see that specific version of it. It was incredibly funny, throughout, and it was yet incredibly serious and fantastically politically incorrect. To tell the truth, its political incorrectness startled me, at one or more points. I loved it. I loved it. I loved it.
I guess I kind of left this out, but all of the actors were under the age of nineteen. Only one or two were as young as thirteen. It was inspiring, funny, and serious, all at once, without its quality being decreased at all.
The fact that there are no more showings after today of that show, with those actors...is remarkably saddening. I really wish I went earlier, so I could have told you earlier, and seen it again.

For once, emotionally,


April 23, 2009


Another (fairly) pointless post to notify you that Ubuntu 9.04, Jaunty Jackalope, is OUT! I'm currently updating, in hopes that I'll manage to get that done before class. Anywho. *sprays root beer around virtual room*

*dances wildly*


April 15, 2009

Toasters That Decide for You?!

Ok, no, this is not some freaky new technology. It's just something I've wondered about for, oh, probably a year or two, by now.

Our toaster has a out-dentation sort of thing that forms the words, "one slice," indicating one of the slots. Why? Do some people have bad decision-making abilities and sued the toaster making company? Do they think it'll blow up if we do otherwise? Really!


Decidedly, lately, and confusingly,


April 13, 2009

An Explanation for those of you who AREN"T ISLASERS

Ahem. In past times, as well as very recently, I've posted posts concerning Islas matters. For those of you who aren't Islasers, you should just read it, hope to understand more than a tenth of it, and ignore the rest. Basically, Islas is a group of students of a couple of online schools, both of which I have and/or am attending classes at. The first...scholarsonline.org, the second, reginacoeli.org. At the first, I am currently taking Latin II, and at the second, I was taking Latin 1 as well as writing.


April 11, 2009


Sorry this is so late...

Bertilson has been found multiple times, looking around Islasville, wondering when his execution would be. We found him today facing the local, rusty guilloutine.

"It's really horrible. You'd expect that an administration capable of spewing out dozens of well-made post-campaign videos would manage to execute me within the week I was sentenced. Also, the trials of the other accused are dragging out for what, months? The Ahern Administration seems inable to handle these complicated matters. If I were Mr. President, I wouldn't wait for the executioner, I would preform the duty myself. Honestly, his delay has caused me great trouble. I've already made my will out, of course, and I had expected to be six feet under weeks ago! But no! I'm still alive and well! Now, I have to live in slums, all because of this incompetent administration!"

For years, we had assumed one would be thankful to have a few more weeks before their demise, but, at the obviously wise and true words of Mr. Bertilson, we were put to rights in seconds. Obviously, staying alive when condemned was the worst thing the condemned could imagine. Bertilson continued.

"Mr. President, I want my execution. I want it now, and I want it well-done. If I have missed it, reschedule! Tell me, this time. If notified, I wouldn't miss even a tenth of an execution, especially my own."

Our opinions righted, we returned to headquarters, a fine story in hand.


April 04, 2009

Happy Birthday, CSAM!

Ketchup Comic Strip 3

With happiness unbound, I reveal to you...STRIP THREE!

I currently have NOTHING BEYOND THIS, as I may have told you, say, twenty times before. Anywho, enjoy!

Your overly ambitious, red-eyed, and tech-mangling writer,


Worthless Post! (to up my post count!)

Greetings! Hello! I'm here to pointlessly notify my uninterested readers that Ubuntu 9.04 is coming out in roughly nineteen days!

Ok. It's not totally worthless. I'm not sure whether I've said this before, but the third strip of the Ketchup comic is kind of really far along, yet nowhere near the finish. Anywho, I've got the first, second, and third panels thoroughly done...except maybe the third, and the fourth is going through some thorough workover. I'm trying to decide whether to go along with the original storyline or to mangle the story into something hopefully much, much more enjoyable. Wow. I just took up about four times as much space saying this as I did with the main post content. I'd better shut up.

Your confusing, open-source obsessed, and, woe, UNEXECUTED, AS OF YET, writer,


April 01, 2009

Some Truths, Some Lies...

Ok. I'll be (dis)honest with you. A certain number of these statements are true, another certain number of them is false. The subjects will, hopefully, be ridiculously far-fetched.

1. I always carry around between sixty and seventy cents in my right pocket.

2. One Valentine's Day, I thought about sending a certain girl one or more slips from the notorious Kisses chocolate candy.

3. I believe the difference between a simile and an anaogy is too close to call.

4. I currently have a small slip of paper saying, "keep your mother happy".

5. I am not satisfied with my recent Latin scores.

6. I just bought a 400 GB hard drive that I can't even use yet.

7. I always, always, always, sit on the second to frontmost, rightmost seat in church.

8. I do not want to be a hero.

9. There are now, in Minneapolis, visible quantities of snow on the ground.

10. Ronald Reagan isn't my favorite deseased person ever.

11. I have never read Pride and Prejudice in full.

12. My Apple earbuds (from a second, or perhaps third generation iPod) are still currently usable.

13. I have not yet fully read the manual for my camera.

14. I have a small collection of coins, one of which is roughly ninty-two years old.

15. I think sweat has corrosive properties.

That'll be all. I'm not exactly sure how I'll put the answers out, but I might hide them in future posts.

Your confusing, deceptive, and downright wicked writer,