December 22, 2013

I Love Life

My life has changed. It's been 49 days, but unfortunately I won't be telling you since what. I live a different life today, though; if colors happened to be brighter today than they were seven weeks ago, I wouldn't have been surprised.

Unfortunately, it's winter, so that is unlikely. (I do hope to take some wonderfully colorful photos of my family; perhaps not for Christmas but for New Year's. Maybe for Easter or something. We delay.)

But as of about a month ago, I've asked out exactly one girl. Said girl declined my query, but I can say without a doubt that my life is better for it.

Better for her declension? (don't know if that word even belongs anywhere outside grammar, but I brought it along for the ride) No, I'm better for having asked. Perhaps it's different the second, third, fourth time (whether it be the same or another girl), but I 100% believe that if you manage to detach yourself from the outcome of said question, you will find yourself infinitely more courageous, confident, and able to face life.

Perhaps you're not romantic like me and can't see the appealing danger of the question, the terror of denial, and make it far, far more than it is (and simultaneously less, I believe), but if you're me, the appeal of the unknown is actually fairly great.

One caveat, though; I realize that my hope that the girl may say yes at a future date might be the reason for my borderline euphoric half month or so following the question...

However, I believe that I am, in fact, somewhat cured. Perhaps it will still touch me should she ultimately deny me, but I am sure I will be less of a depressed wreck at the end of it.

Imagine for a minute if women had to worry that much less about saying no...maybe more of them would rightly say no instead of accepting, only to complicate an already difficult situation.

I don't know, but it's food for thought.

My mind is clearer. I may end up writing a proper story sometime soon, because of it.

I have legitimately noticed women taking more notice of me, being more attracted to me. This is related to the rather more secretive subject, I believe, as others have said the same.

A particular girl at work, until about the same three weeks ago, was borderline disrespectful and typically unhelpful. Today, she is willing, helpful, and especially respectful to me. It's almost uncanny, and it makes me wonder if she has a crush on me, to some degree. Too much info? Sorry.

I've been taking cold showers, and you may think I'm crazy for that, in the middle of a Minnesota winter, but I'm telling you, come out of a hot shower into the cold Minnesota we know and love, and you will be COLD, but come out of a moderately chilly shower into the slight warmth of your (totally non-foggy, by the way) bathroom, and you'll feel fine, even sans towel. No joke. And even in front of my computer, inches from badly insulated windows, and a slight draft on my feet, I feel slightly warm, if only in my core. (my appendages retain heat especially badly when I'm at my computer)

In short, guys, I've felt better in the last few weeks than I have for the last five years. No exaggeration, no hyperbole. I find myself driving places and just LOVING being alive for no freaking reason. I'm more positive and outgoing at work than I've ever been before (which McDonalds itself, as well as my coworkers, are partially due credit for), and I FREAKING ASKED A GIRL OUT.



Do you understand now? I ASKED A GIRL OUT.

"Did she say ye...."


"Did sh..."



It'd be awkward if she found this, but I guess that's ok, because she's pretty chill.

Anyway. I had a lot to say for the last month and a half, and you just got the highlights.

Thanks for reading, guys, and please, please don't come to McDonalds this New Years' Eve. I'm serious.


Because you could instead ask a girl out. Imagine having a date in 2014.


A whole year to wait.

So worth it.

(I was going to title this post something super dramatic and spiritual or something, but it kinda didn't go that way. Reason number one why Noah will DEFINITELY now cease trying to title his posts before he writes them.)