October 28, 2008

Miserably Wretched Blockheads, we

Isn't it interesting how words change? The Latin for "to be ignorant" has (according to Wheelock's) been brought through the ages in the form of the word "nice".

In earlier times, when a certain Daniel Defoe was still around scribbling, the word "miserable" was not only used in the passive sense. It had more of the "wretched" idea to it. If someone was miserable, there was at least some possibility that he was also wretched. This, of course, is natural. Everyone is sinful.

Today, the American people can be deceived by the simple idea of change. I think it's reasonable to conclude that they decide so because of President Bush. People want change from what they call "the failed policies of the last eight years". I think this is mainly because they've swallowed, hook, line, and sinker, the media's image of the Bush America as worse than almost ever before. They see Obama as the light at the end of an eight-year tunnel of torture which they've created, with their own imaginations, to blind themselves from the truth of the Bush Administration.

Throughout the eight last years, Bush has been ridiculed and slandered by the media and the left as if they cared for nothing else. Has Bush even made fleeting, degrading comments about the dinosaur media? No. He has done his job. He has protected at least some of the ideals Christians hold most dearly. Imagine where we would be with Kerry or even Gore.

...no. Don't bother. It's unimaginable.

*EDIT* I just noticed how crazily I tangented there. Sorry.


October 22, 2008


Throughout this election, and a few before it, for some reason, polititians, and hemhem, a hockey mom from Alaska, have utilized the name "Joe", or "Joey", as was the case with Mr. Biden. This obviously shows a total disrespect for said name.

...or does it?

No, actually, Joe the Plumber, Joe Six-pack, and Joey the Gas Station manager...are real people. And, therefore, Joe, and most variations, are being empowered and...um...enfranchized? I dunno.
Oh. And Harry Reid said something about a certain Tommy a while ago...

Joe the Plumber and Joe Six-Pack easily beat Joey and Tommy.


A Poem

What pleasure is there in purity?
What happiness in goodness?

Does man joy in justice?
Have men rejoiced in uprightness?

'Tis true, pleasure lies in sinfulness
but in justice, right, and good,
the heart leaps, the soul soars
as it does the will of the LORD.


October 17, 2008

An Argument Against Abortion...Totally

I thought I had made so many good points against certain things(on Islas)...that...I just decided to base a post off of it.

First, a logical walk-through, I guess.

1. Abortion ends a life which had begun.
2. Ending a life, more commonly known as killing or murder, is murder.
3. Abortion is, therefore, entirely against what is tought in the Bible. Namely...*flips through Bible a bit*...oh, well. I think you all know what I'm talking about. Abhorably, I don't even know which commandment it is, but one of the Ten says, "You shall not murder."

Conclusion: Abortion should not be done.

Ok. There was a two-hour break right there. Now my thoughts are all muddled and I can't continue this post. It may sound like some dreary, hopeless ending, but...it's not over. I've even thought of doing a ten reasons to support (or vote for) John McCain.


October 15, 2008

Bertilson's First Law of Cuteness

1. Cuteness* is entirely relative.
  a. Cuteness is relative to age, both on the subjective and objective ends.

* Note difference between the uses of the word "cute", and "pretty" or "beautiful". Most are either applied by a person of one gender to a person of another gender. Most cases occur within teenhood. (i.e. childhood)


October 10, 2008


Ok. I'm not trying to lose weight. Overall, I consider myself in slightly over-average shape. And I just lose three pounds overnight. HOW ON EARTH DOES THIS HAPPEN!? Do I breath out some heavy gas when I'm asleep!? Really, I shouldn't be allowed to lose weight with so little effort! Really! People talk about not running and doing pushups and all, and, all of a sudden, I do it. I shouldn't be allowed to do that! It ought to be illegal! HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN!?

And if you wonder why I'm asking this, just imagine how much money I could get if I knew how to replicate these effects.


October 04, 2008

Islas: Why, who, what are we?

Over the last few months, I think I could reasonably say that the content of the Islas forum is becoming less and less useful and informative. One thing to remember while saying this, though, is that the number of blogs started by Islasers has increased dramatically, the trend most notably starting with Pontification ad Nauseam, and continuing up to the more recent pro- and anti-Ahern blogs, varying from The Sophisticator to Impeachment or Bust. These blogs have focused mainly on the Islas president's situation and those for and against it, naturally.

But when we think about it, what good is Islas doing in the world? Even to ourselves, I couldn't honestly argue that we're being matured by being Islas members, on the whole. Is merely getting to know each other and jabbering about our latest avvys enough?

Islas ought to be a group of children and young adults growing and learning because of each other.

The Debates forum has somewhat revived in the Religious Music and Age of the Earth threads, but aside from that, there seems to be so little sensible, good thought.

Your slightly depressed reporter,


We Finally Got it Right...

For at least a few days, Mommy's been pointing out how little the presidential and vice presidential candidates on the republican side are telling America that the democrats were, on the most part, wrong when it came to Fannie and Freddy. RNCC...Thanks. Very. Much.

UPDATE: 'Nother:

Yours really thankfully in Christ,