August 18, 2009

What You HAVE All Been Waiting For!

My photos of our trip to the gathering, our time at the gathering and our time going back from the gathering, as well as some utterly insignificant stops to meet also totally insignificant individuals! I present to you: CO Gathering!

Thanks to Daddy, for taking the troubles to allow me to buy a new camera after my old, unnamed one, died unexpectedly, its last words being, "Lens error". Fear not, I have stoically borne the tragedy. It is with sad yet solemn determination that I hope that my new camera may far outlast my former, that its twelve million pixel images may do me honor, and that it would wake from any sleep, deep or not, to serve me unyieldingly in moments of boredom or in terror. May it live to be named, may it live to be...dissected.

In joy,


August 17, 2009

The John Ahern Song!

It is with bated breath and beating heart that I hereby release the two original videos of the John Ahern song! Do go and enjoy this work of art!

Part 1:
Part 2:

Another video, even more epic than this, is yet to arrive on the interwebnetthings! Bate thy breath!



Aye. I recently read the entire Hornblower series. Quite simply, I loved it. More complicatedly, it is without a doubt the most well-written, brilliant, and downright epic series of books I've had my hands on. And, by, "had my hands on," I mean read cover to cover. As I haven't done this with Lord of the Rings, it still may claim that title. Even so, Hornblower will probably still be my choice for the best-written, most brilliant series of books that I've read. Please proceed to deride the obvious conclusion that I've hardly read anything good. Anywho.


August 14, 2009


YES! I'm home. Now I'll continue to horribly mar your poor, wounded eyes with literary and stupidity-ridden words arranged merely to bring about your doom.

*cackles evilly off into the distance...*