August 22, 2012

I Love...

I love the sound of the ocean and the sight of it too, at night. The waves look like they're glowing. I believe they are.

I love music. Not classical so much anymore. Much alternative. Indie. Yep.

I love talking to an interesting person, especially a girl. I don't really know why, but we're not the same, so I'm guessing that's part of it.

I love the feeling of a Q-tip in my ear, but sometimes it makes my throat tickle. Not altogether horrible, but perplexical nonetheless.

I love taking apart my computer and seeing what's inside. Sometimes I like to take it apart, sometimes I clean it. Sometimes I just grin.

I love to clean. Not always, but I get in moods. I do dishes then, clean sometimes, reorganize. Then are the times when I wish I knew all the songs I would ever love, but I'm guessing I'd get tired of all of them right away then, instead of sequentially.

I LOVE GIRLS IN MILITARY UNIFORM. With that gigantic backpack on their back. That's some serious womanliness. Grace, maybe. Not sure, but it freaks me seriously.

I love to dance. Not swing or ballroom or line or anything specific. I just like to move my body and feel the music, cliche though that may sound.

I love taking pictures. I don't really know why. I take some satisfaction from the result, but it's minuscule compared to the pleasure of composing the shot, holding my breath, gripping the camera, and hitting the shutter. I don't get it.

I love to make people laugh. Of course it makes them laugh and me feel good about it, but it makes me laugh when others laugh and I understand why. Complicated, I guess, but I love laughing, and don't like laughing alone. Not usually, anyway.

I love the feel of my muscles aching because I've made them pay the rent, so to speak. It shakes off the false shroud of impotency.

I love to run. To feel the ground, dirty though it may be, under my feet as I try harder and harder to eat the wind.

I love it when water gets in a photo and decides to mess things up a bit. In a good way.

I love it when I know God's there.

I love breakfast. A good, cold, tall, fresh-squeezed glass of orange juice. Some good bacon, some concoction of eggs and other awesome ingredients.

I love a book that you can't see coming, and that you miss when it leaves.

I love snow. It's beautiful, bright, and occasionally combat-ready.

I love it when friends stay.

I LOVE A GOOD BACKSCRATCH. Haven't had a serious, good one in years...