July 09, 2012

I Want to DO Something

I want to do something. I really do! But I don't. But why?

Hmm. Well, I want to start a Youtube channel and just talk about everything. Hopefully to some happifying effect.

But what would I talk about?

And there's my camera. It's kinda elderly. In the sense that it's lame, senile, and a bit blind.

Well. Those words describe the extremity of the thing.

But then there's my sense of romance, which says, hey! You shouldn't record it on your freakin' digital camera in 720p! You should record it on that old tape camera you bought for ten dollars at the thrift store and left collecting dust in a closet for like five years!

Well, yeah. I guess the camera's not a good excuse. It's just that somewhere between the ideation and the execution of the idea, I end up thinking...gosh, moron, this is a STUPID idea.


Anyway. As pertains to my life, if you're still listening, care, and haven't heard already...I applied at Apple. Like three times. In person, online, and through a chap already employed there.

So, yeah. With any luck, I'll have some sort of response in a while. God could give me a job (through the fabulous people at Apple), or he could decide, heck, Noah, you don't seem to get what I'm doing yet.

Which, in all likelihood, I don't.

But that's pretty much the natural state of things. Me not knowing what's going on. For those of you who care, that's kinda why I don't talk. At least, that's part of it. I listen and observe in order to better understand the world and the people around me. not always does it work.


Oh, oh, oh. Another problem with starting a vlog-esque thing. (could have thrown in quasi somewhere in there, too. :D) Uh, yes. Well, my family. See, I live at home. There are about two times in the entire week when a sibling or parent isn't nearby or...closer.

Yep. I whine.